Take off Metering Injectors

Take off Metering Injectors

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 Metering Injectors

MODEL DMT -001(No. of outlets-1)

MODEL DMT -002 (No. of outlets-2)
MODEL DMT -003 (No. of outlets-3)
MODEL DMT -004 (No. of outlets-4)

The Take OFF metering injectors are made of zinc (pressure die casting) material.

The Take OFF metering injectors works on a different principle unlike the normal metering injectors which discharges the oil when pump is ON. In this case when the pump is ON the TAKE OFF injectors are charged and the spring loaded piston ejects (Pin) out thereby indicating TAKE OFF injectors are charged. When the pump stops the oil is flushed out from the injectors to the lubricating points and the piston goes back. A non return valve in each injectors does not allow oil to go back.